Peggy Sue is run by woman for woman

Shanah and Alysha are the women behind Peggy Sue. They are both married, have 5 kids between them, and are based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. We know first hand how busy life can be, and how easy it is to put everyone else first. Our goal at Peggy Sue is to help you slow things down with meaningful moments of self care.

We are an Ethical Australian brand, run by women, for women. All our products are made right here in Australia, and our aim is that they help you feel beautiful and loved, the natural way. Like you, we are also incredibly passionate about our role in caring for this beautiful earth, which is why we strive to be a brand that is as natural and sustainable as possible. All our products are organic, and packaged in solid printed glass bottles. We intend these bottles to be a one off purchase by offering product refills, in our efforts to fight the war on waste. We want to offer, indulgent beauty for you, while preserving beauty in the world around us. Beautiful products that help welcome you into the day, and help you clock off at night. Join our community as we all slow down with beautiful moments of self care.

Why is Self Care important?

We know that sometimes the idea of ‘Self Care’ can be seen as vanity, or can feel like a sugar coated way of being selfish, especially when you have kids. But for me, Shanah, this idea was flipped on its head when I went through every parent’s worst nightmare. Alysha journeyed along side me throughout my second pregnancy in 2019. A little boy who we named Tobias, meaning God is good. My husband and I found out at our 20 week scan that his heart hadn’t grown properly, and that he had no hope of survival after birth. We still carried him to term, we met him, and loved him, then we said goodbye when he was just 10 days old. For both myself, and for Alysha who walked closely beside me, I noticed that one of the few moments where the weight of the world felt a tiny bit lighter, was that 5 minutes I would spend each morning and night doing my skincare ritual. Self care for us has had nothing to do with vanity. Self care routines can be such a beautiful moment where you stop and recenter yourself. Through all the stresses of life, your skin can often cop it the hardest, which is why forming a regular skincare ritual, using natural skin loving products, is so beneficial to not only your skin, but to your mind and overall well being.

Peggy Sue is run by women, for women. We want to be here to do the highs and lows of life with you .

Shanah + Alysha xo